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5 Steps to Restart Online College After Failing, Dropping Out

Picking up the pieces and restarting an online bachelor’s program following an unsuccessful first attempt is difficult but admirable. Returning to an online college may also still be the best path to academic recovery as a working adult. Here are five steps to take if you’re ready to return as an...
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5 Tips to Help You Register for Online Courses

Prospective students may consider starting with just one online course, if possible, to adjust to online education. (Petar Chernaev/Getty Images) After you decide to pursue an online degree, one of your first tasks will be to register for classes. Diligently selecting which online courses to take, with which faculty and...
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5 step guide to plan your career better

“I see no point in having a dream company to pursue, when we live and work in such uncertain times,” says an investment banker. The very banker, before the 2008 Wall Street meltdown, saw Lehman Brothers as ‘a dream company to work’. The vagaries of the job market in the...
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