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Career development: learning whilst you work

For those of us who, frankly, couldn’t wait to leave school, the idea of signing up to further training later in life is not exactly tempting. The thought of going back into the classroom and sitting listening to a teacher all day – however imaginative the lesson –...
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To remain a gateway to work universities must change

A tipping point is being reached in post-secondary education, particularly for traditional colleges and universities. This tipping point is taking place over an extended period of time and has been precipitated by the perceived need of gaining qualifications to gain employment, backed up by historic data of graduate...
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Should You Do Free Work at a Job Interview?

If you’re currently searching for a new job, you may encounter something you haven’t run into before: Employers are increasingly asking job candidates to do work projects and exercises as part of the hiring process. These exercises aren’t the typing tests and software assessments of the past; rather,...
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