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Thinking of Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Often, businessmen seeking information about the purchase of a commercial building or property will ask advice from brokers or real estate agents. However, problems can arise when legal matters appear or the best interests of the seller and the purchaser conflict. To protect themselves, businessmen should turn to a commercial real estate lawyer. Here is what you can expect to learn if you decide to become a commercial real estate lawyer.

Will Any Lawyer Do?

A commercial real estate lawyer specializes in the legal issues surrounding the buying and selling of land, buildings, and the use of rights for both. Since he or she focuses on property law, tenant issues, and the ever-changing codes within a city, becoming knowledgeable about a client’s rights and how to protect them is imperative. That is why many businessmen hire a commercial real estate lawyer Austin TX, when purchasing the nearby property.

What Can a Lawyer Do?

Commercial real estate lawyers understand about contracts and negotiation. This may include valuation, zoning, contracts, water rights, and ever-expanding business laws. These specialists also understand leases, tenant’s rights, and subleasing. Some attorneys focus on tenants’ rights, evictions, financing, and remedies. There are many areas within property law to specialize in.

How Do You Choose?

Becoming a lawyer can be a demanding task and requires three to five years of specialized schooling to obtain a Ph.D. With the doctorate in jurisprudence, a fledgling attorney can join a law firm, help with legal aid defenses, or participate in numerous other areas of law within the United States once he or she has passed an extensive exam called the bar exam. The bar exam is given by each state, and a participant can only practice law within the exam state.

If you are thinking about becoming a commercial real estate lawyer, you may want to find a mentor. A volunteer job inside a commercial real estate firm may help you decide as well.

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