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Can Career Ownership Be Family-Friendly?

What about family? It was briefly mentioned in previous articles as something to accommodate, and as part of your possible support system. Family commonly means any group of one or more adults with the children they care for, or it can be extended to mean a larger group involving parents, relatives and particular friends whom you view as family. Focus...
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What Is It Like Working As A Bodyguard?

Most people think that working as a bodyguard involves standing on guard at doors and following close behind their client. While popular media has painted bodyguard agencies and their operatives in this light for years, and this is part of the job, there is really so much more...
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Things to do when you get a promotion

When you first get a promotion, the first thing on your mind is how much salary are you going to receive or will it be a substantial pay raise or a small bump? However, with a promotion, you quickly realise that there comes a learning curve along with...
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