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5 Top Industries Hiring Qualified Project Managers

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Have you got what it takes to succeed in project management?

Are you a skilled organiser who can unite teams and deliver high-pressure projects in an efficient and timely manner, transform tight deadlines into fantastic results?

A career in project management may feel like an ‘outside the box’ choice, but for an ambitious individual with the right skills to make it in any industry, it’s a path of underrated potential and diverse opportunities. Project managers are often the driving force behind countless products and practices, playing unsung yet vital roles in the delivery of services we use every day.

If you’re a problem solver with a resourceful outlook, a can-do attitude and the ability to execute a vision and turn plans into a reality, you could be suited to a range of roles across public and private sectors.

With that in mind these are just five industries that are hiring project managers.

1. Technology

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. And of course, with rapid development comes a rapid increase in job opportunities in any field.

Surprisingly, in the tech industry, project managers may often find themselves at the forefront of delivery when it comes to the development of new products and software, bringing together teams that pioneer these advancements.

Steve Jobs, one of history’s best known and most remarkable innovators, was renowned for his leadership ability. And though he never officially held the title of Project Manager, those around him recognised his skills as being at the helm of Apple’s success, and Jobs’ leadership skills and attitude to collaboration continues to inspire those in the field of project management to this day.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare industries have faced a challenging year, and those at the frontline have been crucial in the fight against Covid-19.

But there are many unseen roles in healthcare which are crucial to the creation, adaptation and delivery of services – including project management.

The Association for Project Management (APM) predicts that there are over 300 project delivery personal working within the NHS at current, and as Jo Stanford, Head of Corporate Portfolio Office states, the challenges of project management in healthcare are unique to the industry, working with far less measurable, far less definable metrics that are much further out of control.

And yet for project managers working in healthcare, the field offers the chance to deliver life-changing services and transform a vital industry for the better, making it a fantastic opportunity for those with the relevant skillset and the desire to make a difference.

3. Construction

Construction is a major sector for project managers.

In this sector, you’ll be operating under tight constraints when it comes to finance, manpower and timing, as well as heeding health and safety regulations and ensuring the wellbeing of those on your project.

That said, the rewards are well worth the pressure. Kris Jenson of Layton Construction, whose role has seen him work on buildings such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute and University Health System in San Antonio, takes a hands-on approach in his day-to-day role, meaning he gets to play an active part in both the planning and execution of the projects he’s passionate about.

4. Energy

We’re at a crucial point in human history for energy usage, and the hunt for safe and sustainable alternatives expands every day.

And with a vast number of renewable energy projects underway across the world, utilising solar and hydroelectric power to pioneer the future, project managers could be at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

Though many of these remarkable projects are still in development – for instance the Wudongde hydropower station, where the first dam is not due to be complete until later this year – these long-term ventures require close management for effective execution, and could transform the way we use energy forever if successful.

5. Finance

Finance is one of the biggest constraints a project manager can experience when co-ordinating any major operation.

Therefore it’s essential to have strong budgeting skills and know when and how to allocate resources and make cuts.

It’s no surprise then that the finance industry has a high demand for skilled project managers with the ability to handle funds and direct projects efficiently, making the best of the funds at their disposal and generating revenue. As a project manager in the finance industry, your role will extend far beyond monetary planning – as well as the management of capital, you’ll also co-ordinate with stakeholders and legal departments to bring your projects to fruition.

Distance learning from ARU offers a flexible way to study, and our fantastic Project Management MSc is accredited with the APM (Association for Project Management). With our online project management degree, you could be well on your way to a promising career ripe with opportunity.


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