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Careers360 MBA Tour 2022: Know How To Get Admission In IMT Ghaziabad; Selection Process, Placement Opportunity

Careers360 MBA Tour 2022: Know How To Get Admission In IMT Ghaziabad; Selection Process, Placement Opportunity

areers360 held an MBA Tour 2022 to help postgraduate management students choose the best B-School. As part of the Careers360 MBA tour, various topics, including admission to B-School was discussed. For the candidates who are keen to take admission in Institute of Management Technology (IMT Ghaziabad), Vishal Talwar, Director, IMT Ghaziabad said, “IMT Ghaziabad tries to keep a healthy balance between all aspects to be considered for PGDM admissions. We give weightage to academic scores, critical thinking, test scores and other forms of diversity factors that we are concerned with. For more accurate information visit the IMT Ghaziabad official website.”

Regarding the PGDM programmes offered by the institute, Dr. Talwar said, “Our PGDM program enjoys MBA equivalence status through the NBA system. Now if you look at the benefits of the PGDM program they are diverse. The PGDM course allows us to keep our curriculum dynamic. It allows for regular feedback from students, stakeholders, faculty and from our international partners to ensure that the curriculum is up to date and contemporary. So PGDM helps us to build a very dynamic, living and progressive curriculum.”

The PGDM session in IMT Ghaziabad commences in July. Regarding the work experience criteria of minimum two years, Dr. Talwar said, “Some students prefer to work till about January – February while others till the time they transition into the PGDM program. So automatically IMT considers that as the overall work experience (the time you officially get the relieving letter from the company).”

Also for admissions in PGDM programmes, CAT/ XAT/ GMAT scores are accepted. “For IMT Nagpur and Hyderabad CAT/ XAT/ GMAT/ CMAT scores are considered for admission to PGDM programmes,” the director mentioned. For the current (2022) session, the IMT PGDM application process is expected to continue till the third week of January, 2022.Elaborating more about the admission process, Dr. Talwar said, “A student’s personality in the interview round for PGDM admission at IMT Ghaziabad can be a contributing factor but not alone. It largely depends on what percentile you have secured. IMT Ghaziabad is very transparent about the percentile we look for normally. And when we talk of profiling, if we like your profile and your energy towards the PGDM program and your effort of making something of yourself through this program. IMT Ghaziabad is happy to relax the cutoff percentile to some extent only if the above criteria are met.”

“The requirements for admission to IMT Ghaziabad PGDM programme are mentioned on the institute’s website. It talks about the various percentiles and ranges. It talks about the weightage that IMT Ghaziabad gives to candidates percentile scores, academic background and other aspects to give the students an indication of whether they should apply for PGDM at IMT Ghaziabad,” he said.

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Regarding gender-wise preference in the admission process, Dr. Talwar said, “The IMT Ghaziabad selection process is same for both genders. But for diversity in the PGDM program non-engineering domains candidates are sometimes given preference over engineers. Women candidates are offered scholarships at IMT Ghaziabad based on their performance.”

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The director also suggested preparation tips for the interview round for admissions in IMT Ghaziabad. “As a fresher who has a competitive and robust examination score, IMT Ghaziabad looks for a certain level of grounding in the candidates graduation program. Companies that come to B-Schools not only look for domain knowledge from management perspective but also from your undergraduate perspective due to a lot of variance across the board. IMT Ghaziabad also looks at your analytical capabilities, critical thinking and leadership skills. Candidates should also keep the nature of specialization in mind; if they are someone who can do justice to that specialization or its operations. So the interview committee needs to understand how your personality and your whole world view aligns with that specialization,” he said.

Regarding the profile based application process, the director said, “The IMT Ghaziabad profile based application process has been activated. Applicants are suggested to visit the IMT website and start their profile based application process as soon as possible.”

Regarding the PGDM course details, Dr. Talwar said, “The overall PGDM program that the students is inducted in whether it is Marketing or Finance or any other field, remains constant throughout the whole course.But while selecting their electives whether major or minor, students can opt for their field of interest, subjects like finance or marketing or any other subject. The PGDM curriculum enables that. This crossover also helps the students in their careers going forward.”

“IMT Ghaziabad PGDM DCP programme is a dual country program. In this program the one calendar year of the course is at IMT Ghaziabad and the second year at IMT Dubai. The objective of the PGDM DCP program is to create robust managers who work across domains, cultures and geographies. The curriculum of the PGDM DCP program is designed in such a way to nurture the students to become internationally oriented corporate leaders,” he added.

The director also talked about how to choose a right B-school. “In the past few years, placement has become an important yardstick for selecting a B-School. But a few things that a PGDM or MBA aspirant must look for while selecting a B-School are its curriculum, the way that the curriculum is delivered, who comes to the classroom to inspire you, the level of personalization that the institute offers you i.e. interaction and one on one discussion with the faculty and more,” he said.

“The college or institute looks for a combination of factors apart from good entrance test percentile while selecting a candidate for admission to PGDM program. Few of these factors are good communication skills, sound domain knowledge, good academic score, work experience, and other factors,” the director explained.

The students at IMT Ghaziabad also get an international exposure. “Yes, at IMT Ghaziabad we have special provisions for this purpose whether it be bootcamps, exchange programs, etc. This provision is across all the PGDM programs to facilitate the same for all our students. The duration of the international exposure may vary from 3 to 4 weeks to a whole term or semester,” he added.

For details on admission in IMT Ghaziabad, please visit the official website- imt.edu.


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