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CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Check Marking Scheme for Maths (Basic) Sample Paper

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics – Basic Marking Scheme for Sample Paper 2020 Explained

CBSE Class 10 Maths-Basic exam will be organised by the board for those students who don’t want to continue the study of Mathematics in higher classes. Maths-Basic is the easier version of CBSE question paper which will have more of the simple and direct problems in place of complex and difficult questions as will be asked in Maths-Standard exam. Books and curriculum for both version of Mathematics paper – Basic and Standard, will remain the same. The only difference will be in difficulty level of the question papers for both versions in CBSE Board Exam 2020. For CBSE Class 10 Maths-Basic exam, students just need to learn direct formulae and theorems from all chapters. They should be good at all basics and concepts. While writing their exam, students should have a fare idea about what and how much to write. With CBSE marking scheme, you can easily understand how to write the step-wise solutions to obtain high scores.

Here, we will explain the step-wise marking scheme followed in CBSE exam evaluation process.

Let’s take the question number 17 of CBSE Class 10 Maths Basic Sample Paper 2020 and its solution from respective marking scheme:


maths basic sample paper


cbse maths sample paper

In the above solution, you can observe the distribution of marks. Here half mark has been allotted to the formula description and other half mark is assigned for the right calculation.

Let’s take another example from the long answer type questions. Take question number 38 of sample paper and its answer hint given in the CBSE marking scheme for the same.


class 10 maths sample paper

Solution: (Answer hint)

cbse maths basic sample paper

Here, you can see how 5 marks are divided across different points which are necessary for the proof of given theorem.

  • For correct ‘Given’: 1/2 mark
  • For correct ‘To Prove’: 1/2 mark
  • For correct ‘Construction’: 1/2 mark
  • For correct ‘Figure’: 1/2 mark
  • For correct ‘Proof’: 2 marks
  • Total marks: 4 marks

According to the step-wise marking scheme as mentioned above, any one missed step will result in deduction of marks causing a lower score in paper. So, students must be very careful while writing their answers in CBSE exams. Follow the CBSE marking scheme thoroughly to analyse the details of answer writing technique in CBSE Class 10 Maths exam.


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