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CBSE Board exam 2020: What parents can do to help students score better in Board exam?

This article can help the parents to understand ways to help their kids in performing better in the upcoming board exams.

This article can help the parents to understand ways to help their kids in performing better in the upcoming board exams.

With the CBSE Class 10th and 12th board exam 2020 around the corner, students have started preparing with their whole and soul for the board exam 2020, trying to pass the exam with flying colours. Last year around 27 lakh students appeared for the CBSE Board exams alone.

Imagine the competition students face today and above that, there is always pressure on them to stand up to their parents’ expectations. Here are some tips for the parents to help their children in their exam preparation with a calm and composed mind:

Use the right words to motivate the students for board exams

Talk to the children during their Board exams to motivate them and make them believe in themselfs.

Validation and appreciation of parents in invaluable to a student. So parents must keep on motivating their children by saying things like I believe you can do it’, You have a lot of potentials’ etc. It is important to say the right things to the students to motivate them to result better.

It’s also necessary to make it clear to them that the boards are just exams and life goes on even if they don’t get the expected scoring. Tell them that it is okay to if your friends score better than you.

Prepare mock- tests to minimise the fear of examination

It helps the students to attempt as many number of question as possible to keep up with pace.

Students fear exams which is very natural, but it affects the performance of a student in the exam hall one way or the other. One of the ways to get rid of the fear is to keep appearing for exams to normalise the mind from the fear, for which parents can prepare various tests for the students and make them attempt those questions at home and reward them based on their result.

This keeps them in continuous practice of writing and it is also a good method for revision. Also, it helps in minimise the fear of examination and prepare students better for the final exam.

Spend time with students when studying

Here are some tips for the parents to help students to score better in CBSE Board exam 2020.

Some students tend to get distracted easily, for those it helps when they are under supervision. So it is very helpful if the parents sit with them while they study. Ask them random questions from the syllabus and be a little involved.

Even an hour with the students can help them concentrate better without being drawn to any distractions.

The continues practice can also help in giving the parents an idea of how much their child prepared and then they can take necessary measures to help them improve.

Spare time for recreation of the students

Students time for recreation during board exams.

Amidst the constant tension and studying it is also very important for the students to have some time to clear their mind and restart studies with a fresh and energised mind.

It is advisable that parents spare the students with time for recreation every 2 hours for continues studying and don’t bother them in their break time and let them do whatever they want to do.

This also helps in maintaining a healthy environment in the house during exams for the students and parents both.

Make them follow a healthy routine

Maintain a healthy diet during the board exam 2020.

During exams, students tend to mess up with their daily routine which adversely impacts their health. To avoid such situations it is very important that they follow a good diet, eat and sleep properly during the examination.

Parents can prepare them to eat healthy, preferably homemade food.

It is very important to realise that results and board exams are just a part of life and it is okay if you lack a little from your friends in the exams. The world is full of people who were not academically the best but now they are appreciated globally for their exceptional contributions including a genius like Albert Einstein is one of them.

Parents support their children and appreciate them for their unique talent and make them feel proud of whatever scores they have achieves because every student does work hard to prove themselves and make their parents proud.

In the words of Pierre de Coubertin Not to win but to take part is what that matters the most.


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