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CBSE Class 10, 12 Exams 2020: Students See ‘Risk’ In Paper Selection?

CBSE Mathematics Exam

CBSE Class 10, 12 Exam 2020: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced two separate examinations for Mathematics in Class 10 board examination from 2020 academic session. However, some CBSE affiliated schools have asked students to stick to the original subject to avoid risk during admission in higher secondary courses seems to be creating confusion among the students as well as their parents.

It may be noted that the CBSE in its recent circular has introduced two levels of Maths exam for Class 10 from 2020 onwards. From the next academic session, the current Mathematics subject will be called Mathematics-Standard and an easier level of the subject will be added to the existing one and it will be known as Mathematics-Basic.

Besides, the students who opt for ‘basic’ version of Maths in board exams 2020, s/he won’t be able to peruse Mathematics in Class XI which will ultimately make them ineligible for engineering studies and other Maths-related courses.

Earlier in 2011, those CBSE students who opted for school-based Class 10 exam were denied admission to junior colleges in Nagpur. Taking lessons from that, some CBSE affiliated colleges in Nagpur are urging students to take standard mathematics to avoid recurrence of any such issues in future, reported Times of India.

“We want parents and students to take an informed decision as opting for basic version of math exam will restrict their choices during higher education. Overwhelming majority of students have opted for the standard version of math exam but there are some who are absolutely sure that they won’t need to study Math in Class 10; and hence, have gone for the basic version,” said the Principal of Centre Point School (Katol Road), Nagpur, Shilpee Ganguly to TOI.

The Chairperson of Nagpur Sahodaya Schools Complex and principal of Ira International, Reena Dargan said to TOI they are first explaining the entire concept of the two level of math exams to the parents and then taking a written undertaking from them. The undertaking mentioned that the parents understood the new rule and based on that they decided to select a particular version of exam.

It may be noted that after the 2011 tussle between CBSE schools and junior colleges in Nagpur, the schools were held responsible for the issues by the parents. Therefore, this time the schools are taking an undertaking from the parents so that such issues are avoided in the future.

Principal of Centre Point School (Wardhaman Nagar), Sumathi Venugopalan said that the undertaking is being taken so that there is no confusion later. “We explained everything to the parents in parents-teachers meet and later also sent a message to them through our internal communication system to confirm their decision. The decision will always be of the parents, but we want them to finalize things after understanding all the facets,” said Venugopal.


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