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CBSE Class 9th Science Exam 2020: Follow this latest pattern of examination to score maximum marks

CBSE Class 9 Science Exam Pattern 2020

In Class 9 Science subject, students are introduced to various new topics and concepts to lay the basis for the higher classes. This makes it a little difficult for students to prepare for their annual exams. However, by following the right study strategy they can reduce the stress and make effective preparations for exams. They need to be aware of the latest examination pattern, format of question paper, and assessment and evaluation scheme. All this information can help students start with the constructive preparations and get ready for the final examination. To reduce their stress and help them in exam preparation, we are providing here all the necessary details and updates on the latest pattern of CBSE Class 9 Science Annual Exam 2020. Read below to know the key details of the examination pattern so that you are able to work in the right direction and increase your chances to score high in the exam.

CBSE Class 9 Science Examination Pattern 2020

In the latest scheme of examination, Class 9 Science Exam counts for total 100 marks. It has two components; theory paper of 80 marks, and internal assessment of 20 marks. Internal marks will be divided among different activities as mentioned below:

20 Marks

(Internal Assessment)

Periodic Test
(10 Marks)
Practical Work

(5 Marks)

(5 Marks)

A student has to secure a total of 33% marks (internal assessment and theory marks combined) to pass the examination.

CBSE Class 9 Science Unit-Wise Weightage

CBSE Class 9 Science exam will be conducted according to the syllabus prescribed by the board. So, students should prepare according to the topics and their weightage as mentioned in the CBSE Class 9 Science syllabus. The weightage distribution across different units of class 9 Science is as follows:

Unit NameWeightage
I. Matter – Its Nature and Behaviour23
II. Organisation in the Living World20
III. Motion, Force and Work27
IV. Our Environment06
V. Food; Food Production04

CBSE Class 9 Science Question Paper Design for Annual Exam 2020

In CBSE Class 9 Annual Exam 2020, Science question paper will have 25% of the questions as objective type. These objective type questions will be asked in different formats like, multiple choice questions, very short answer type and assertion-reason type questions. Pattern of CBSE Class 9 Science question paper will be as follows:

The class 9 Science question paper will have 36 questions in all. All these questions will be divided into four sections as described below:

SectionNo. of QuestionsWeightage of Section
Section A20 (1 mark each)20
Section B10 (3 marks each)30
Section C6 (5 marks each)30
Total3680 Marks

To get an idea about the typology of questions for Class 9 Science Question Paper 2020, check the format described in the following table:

All the questions in CBSE Class 9 Science paper will be compulsory. However, internal choices will be provided in some questions of all three sections.

Note: Question paper for class 9 students are set internally by the schools, so the question paper design may vary for students of different schools however, basic format will remain the same as suggested in CBSE blueprint shown above.

All class 9 students should work methodically while preparing for their Science exam so that they can score maximum marks. Do read from the NCERT book and follow the NCERT solutions for impressive results. Check below the links to some important articles for CBSE Class 9 Science Exam 2020:


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