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Class 10 and 12 CBSE Exam Pattern to be modified says CBSE Board Secretary


It is expected that the Central Board of Secondary Education will be introducing a few changes in the examination pattern for the class 10 and 12 board exams by 2023. Anurag Tripathi, secretary, CBSE while speaking at an ASSOCHAM School Education Summit said that although this year class 10 students will get 20 percent objective questions and 10 percent on creative thinking by 2021 the question papers for the class 10 and 12 board examination will be based on creative, innovative and critical thinking. He also added that the students will have to prepare for the examination as per the pattern.

Tripathi also pointed out that Vocational subjects do not find many takers in India due to the lack of employability, poor value and absence of stability in the market and there is a need to promote proper linkages and bonding among the important stakeholders like teachers, parents, students, and infrastructure.

The CBSE Director (Training and Skill Education) Biswajit Saha at the ASSOCHAM summit said that the schools must focus on the capability of the students rather than their employability and implement adaptive and project-based learning along with following the children-centric methodology in the classroom.

He also said that for keeping the mindset and the needs of the students in perspective a flexible system must be adopted in the curriculum transaction process. With respect to the common curriculum, whatever subjects are being offered there is always space to introduce an activity-based curriculum.

He also suggested that the schools must give free semesters to students between classes 1 to 8 and not block them inside their curricular boundaries. He pointed out that such steps will lead to more outcomes and career orientations also be groomed up by putting the students with concepts of free semesters.

He also took the opportunity to emphasize that the CBSE is not touching the primary education and complete autonomy is given to the government and private school with respect to syllabus or textual material. He clarified that the board comes into the picture only for the class 10 and 12 examinations where the syllabus for the examination is prescribed by the board but not the methodology.

President of ASSOCHAM National Council for Education, Prashant Bhalla said that a paradigm shift is essential to make sure that learning is made fun and interactive at the school level. IIM Kozhikode Founder director and Chairman ASSOCHAM Skill Committee, Vinayshil Gautam said that the quality of the schools in the country plays a vital role in skill formation and job creation for the next generation.


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