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Handbooks for teachers and students released by the CBSE


The Central Board of Secondary Education has issued a notification about handbooks for students and teachers. These handbooks are per the notification, aims to provide all the important information for the students and teachers in one place.

The handbooks were released by the Union HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on November 1, 2019. The handbooks are available on the official website of the CBSE.

In the notification released, the CBSE has requested all the school heads to make sure that the information regarding the handbook is given to all the teachers and the students. The CBSE has also asked all the students and teachers to download the handbooks and arrange for a discussion in the same.

The notification released by the CBSE stated that discussions on the chapters of the handbooks for the students can be planned for the students and the participation of the students in these discussions can be credited for the internal assessment portfolios.

Handbook for Students

The handbook for the students has incorporated all the queries which are related to pedagogy including subject choices, examination, CBSE activities, procedures, etc. The handbook includes details regarding the academic, examinations, personality enhancement activities, disaster management, cyber safety and other administrative procedures which are related to the subjects and changing date of birth.

Handbook for Teachers

The handbook for teachers consists of information required by them with respect to their learners and to their career improvement and advancement. The handbooks also contain details for teachers with respect to the expectations the board has from them. The handbook can also be considered as a source of information to the teachers regarding the procedures, policies, roles, responsibilities, awards, and resources which are related to their professional life.

The official notification released by the website also stated that the handbook contains information regarding appointment and qualifications along with teacher self-evaluation framework, board examination details, subjects offered, usage of technology, disaster management procedures to be followed, awards which teachers can apply for and other important and needed information about the policies of the board with respect to the teachers.

The notification also states that it is expected that the handbook will be able to answer all the queries regarding the professional lives of the teachers associated with the CBSE.


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