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3 Ways to Better Secure Your Company

In the day and age of technology increasing exponentially, it is more important than ever to make sure your business is safe. Using these methods, you can be assured every aspect of your company is in the right hands.

Secure Your Office Network

Even if you are not very technology-savvy, it is easy to protect your in-office network with a handful of simple maneuvers. You can create a complex password for your wireless network, arrange your files with limited access on an as-needed basis and use address filtering to only allow authorized devices on your network. All of these security measures can help to prevent hackers from retrieving valuable information, as well as make it easier to view who is using your office network should a problem arise.

Know Who is Managing Your Investments

If you are looking to bring someone on board to keep track of your investments, it is vital to obtain information regarding his or her financial history, both personally and professionally. You can receive this information using a credit check for employment. These types of credit checks screen payment history, bankruptcies, and other factors. Using this method, you can ensure that your prospective investment or financial manager is equipped to best handle your assets.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Encourage your employees to protect their own accounts, such as email, with two-factor authentication. This type of authentication provides an extra step when logging into accounts, such as requiring a finger print if you are using a smartphone or a code sent via text message or email. Setting up this additional security measure can provide much more security to the individual accounts of employees, which could hold vital information like files, financial statements and confidential communication.

Securing your company, whether through additional network protection or using a credit check to hire an investment manager, does not have to be difficult. Using these tips, you can easily protect your business in the digital age.

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