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3 Things a High-Quality Resume Should Have

For many, crafting a resume is a very nerve-wracking experience. People often second-guess themselves during the process, wondering if they forgot to add an important detail or made a typographical error. There are some great resume tips out there that can help individuals tackle their concerns. Look at this list of three things a top-notch resume should have.

1. Numerical Data

An excellent resume should consist of numerical data that highlights the job seeker’s accomplishments and achievements. For example, instead of saying that an applicant resolved plenty of queries within a short amount of time, a resume writer should state that an applicant resolved 98% of his or her assigned queries within a two-week period. Adding metrics to a resume gives recruiters a firm understanding of the impact an applicant had, helping them determine whether that applicant should move on to the next stage of the hiring process.

2. Important Websites

In this day and age, many people have websites that relate to their careers. Some people have e-portfolios that showcase the projects they have completed or the skills they have mastered. Others have social media sites that reveal their professional interests and goals, industry knowledge, and frequently used tools and systems. Applicants should make sure that their work-related websites appear on their resumes.

3. Clear Headings

Resumes should be well-organized and easy to follow so that recruiters can efficiently and effectively gather as many relevant details as possible. There should be clear headings that divide each section of a resume so that its reader can locate specific pieces of information, such as an applicant’s certifications and credentials. Oftentimes, headings within a resume are in bold font; in some cases, they appear in an all-caps font.

Writing a resume does not have to be difficult. Fortunately, there are many resume writing resources available to the public.

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