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10 Best Places to Retire

Recreation in Downtown Austin, Texas If retirement is inching closer, you may begin thinking about where to go. Factors to consider when making your decision are affordability, climate, type of lifestyle, health care, and availability of social life. For this particular list, cities have to have been chosen on other...
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Best Exam Prep Apps for Students

Some of my recent endeavors have required me to spend an insane amount of time studying for exams. Exams can be a major cause for worry. It is always the case. However, with a good app that helps boost focus during studies, tracks, and evaluates progress, there is...
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What Are the Best and Worst Ways to Prepare for an Exam?

So glad you asked! Scientists have a lot of practical information on this topic, but most students do not know about it. Research investigating how students learn was first conducted at highly competitive institutions such as the University of California, Los Angeles. Even students at these top schools...
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