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University finances face £17.5bn pensions squeeze

Universities face a new blow to their finances after the main pension fund deficit soared to £17.5bn. The Universities Superannuation Scheme now has the largest pensions deficit of any UK pension fund after it increased by £9bn last year. One expert said student fees may have to rise...
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Long-distance learning: building a university on a South Pacific island

The Talua Theological Training Institute is situated on the remote island of Santo, part of the archipelago nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Formed in 1986 by the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu out of two antecedent institutions, it has a very limited supply of solar electricity, supplemented for 90 minutes every evening by a...
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Rise in poorer students dropping out of university

Rising numbers of students from more disadvantaged homes are dropping out of universities in England before completing their studies, figures show. The proportion of youngsters from disadvantaged families who do not continue after their first year has reached the highest level for five years, says the Office for...
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