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DU course profile: Geography is an excellent ground to prepare for civil services

Geography is one of the oldest earth sciences and much of the geographical work dates to the Greek period. The word ‘Geography’ was coined by Eratosthenes, a famous Greek scholar, in the third century B.C. ‘Geo’ means earth and ‘Graphy’ is to describe. Hence if we look at the literal meaning of the term geography, then it can be explained as description of the earth’s surface.

It involves study of humans and their activities along with an understanding of their relationship with the environment. Geography is called the mother of all disciplines because of its close association with them. This association has given birth to three major fields of study in geography:

Physical geography: This branch is mainly concerned with the study of natural features such as landforms, soil, water, etc.

Human Geography: This branch is concerned with study of humans, their built-up environment, and their activities over space and so on.

Environmental Geography: It basically understands the relationship and interaction between humans and their natural features.

The course is well designed to give more real and practical exposure to students regarding physical and human interactions over the surface of the earth. A lot of field-based activities are involved to understand the applicability of a particular concept from both physical as well as human perspectives. They are highly exposed to a large number of tools and methodologies for conducting their research like topographical sheets, GPS and many other instruments. Such direct field studies also give a scope for critical and scientific understanding of all the aspects.

These field-based studies and experiences provide a strong base to geography students in different research organizations all across the world. GIS and remote sensing have emerged as a more popular field of studies in geography along with disaster management in the contemporary era.

The curriculum of geography has been designed in such a manner that it is highly comprehensive and based on real-life situations and also promotes employability. It provides an excellent ground for the preparation of civil services. The number of candidates choosing geography as a subject for their civil service examination is increasing year by year and that is followed by an excellent success rate. Besides this, the students of geography are in great demand in both multi-nationals and government agencies for their cartographic and GIS skills.

Due to their exposure of field work, they are highly preferred in survey based organizations like United Nations, World Bank, WWF, different ministries, national and international NGOs and so on. Students of geography are also good in planning and have great scope in the field of urban, regional, town and environmental planning. Many geography students are doing excellent work in different planning organizations. It has great scope and is popular among students looking for teaching at both schools as well higher education levels. A background in geography helps in building a carrier in travel and tourism. Overall, the students of geography have great prospects in higher studies both at national as well as international levels. Whichever field a geography student chooses, there is a great mobility and growth prospects in all the fields.




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