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Doctors and Distance Learning: Randomized Controlled Study of a Remote Flipped Classroom Neuro-otology Curriculum

A new study published in Frontiers in Neurology examining remote clinical neuroscience education shows that distance learning has the same outcomes as classroom learning for training healthcare professionals. Dr. Frederick R. Carrick, founder of Carrick Institute and his team at Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge, Harvard Medical...
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Long-distance learning: building a university on a South Pacific island

The Talua Theological Training Institute is situated on the remote island of Santo, part of the archipelago nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Formed in 1986 by the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu out of two antecedent institutions, it has a very limited supply of solar electricity, supplemented for 90 minutes every evening by a...
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Tom Cruise: A Star in Slow-Motion Career Meltdown

If there’s one thing you can count on when you see a Tom Cruise franchise action movie, it’s the look on his face. It is cool and poised, sleek and alert; it’s all dashing resolve. But during “The Mummy,” I kept looking at Cruise and having a strange...
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