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Cool Facts About Chemical Compositions

1. Elements are chemically pure, meaning they are not composites of any other chemicals. When they are written out, they are actually written in what is known as the empirical formula. An example of a well-known empirical formula would be H2O, which is 2 Hydrogen atoms and one...
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Panjab University’s PG, PhD degrees to be available online soon

Come 2018-19 session, Panjab University (PU) will not provide paper degrees to students of post-graduate and PhD courses. The academic awards, such as degrees, diplomas, certificates, marksheets, etc., will instead be made available online, providing students convenient access to their degrees without the risk of losing, spoiling or damaging...
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Universities ‘seek more value’ from branch campuses

Source: Getty An Australian university has revealed plans to centralise control of its Vietnamese branch campus, in a move that experts regard as the beginning of a trend of institutions seeking to play a larger role in Asia and to “get more value” from overseas outposts. RMIT University, which...
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