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Custom Seals Offer More Comprehensive Solutions

Standard seals aren’t capable of getting the job done for all applications. At some point or another, it will be necessary to order custom hydraulic seals. By doing so, it will allow you to solve more problems.

Choose the Type of Seal

You don’t want to use a subpar hydraulic seal as it will make it harder for you to get the pressure that is needed to get the job done. Various industrial seals and gaskets are on the market. Often, when a company cannot find what they are looking for, they make a substitution because it is “close enough” to what they are looking for. Then, they wonder when their equipment malfunctions. You’re able to choose the type of seal that you need and work to customize to your needed specifications.

Ensure a Better Fit

A good fit is critical with a hydraulic seal. You want to make sure that it will fit the cylinder, pump, or valve that you’re placing it on. If you’re having a problem getting the right fit, the easiest solution is to explore custom hydraulic seals. It will allow you to get a specific measurement and a seal fabricated to meet your needs.

Choose the Material

Some materials are better than others for hydraulic seals. What you choose from will depend on the environment you plan on exposing your equipment to. If you work in high temperature areas or have a large amount of chemicals flowing around the equipment, you may want to consider a more durable material. Polyurethane and rubber can be used. Additionally, you’re able to customize the measurements, allowing you to have a thicker seal than what you might ordinarily find on the market.

Seals play a vital role in manufacturing plans and industrial equipment. Rather than taking the chance with a subpar product, you can ask for a custom seal. It will make a big difference and provide you with peace of mind throughout your operations.

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