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What Is It Like Working As A Bodyguard?

Most people think that working as a bodyguard involves standing on guard at doors and following close behind their client. While popular media has painted bodyguard agencies and their operatives in this light for years, and this is part of the job, there is really so much more to it than that -especially for those professionals who’ve undergone executive protection training.

Glamour and Tedium

Protecting celebrities, foreign nationals and high-profile businesspeople brings with it a lot more glamour than many expect. These jobs can include anything from spending time on luxury yachts between various ports of call, to being able to eat a meal at a restaurant usually only frequented by the most rich and famous… But it isn’t all glamorous.

Executive protection training focuses heavily on patience and preparation, and for good reason. Bodyguard agencies are hired to protect their clients, which includes waiting watchfully in and around hotel rooms, meetings and hours spent in cars or walking around looking out for possible threats. No matter what, a bodyguard must be alert at all times.

Ever-Changing Conditions

No matter how glamorous the work may be, working with a reputable bodyguard agency guarantees constantly changing work environments. You could very easily go from guarding a client in a quiet hotel setting one day to holding back massive crowds the next.

This variety is one of the greatest challenges bodyguard agencies and their close protection officers face. For every different situation you need to make fresh threat assessments, thoroughly preparing to protect your client against any and all possible threats. While it can definitely be exciting, it is also exhausting. With years of experience and professional executive protection training, however, you will learn to handle this.

Constant, Specialised Training and Opportunities

This is the most important aspect of any bodyguard’s career journey. No matter how many years of experience you have in the police, military or security fields, there is always more training to be had. Training programmes, such as those provided by Global Bodyguard Solutions, take you through a variety of practical and theoretical lessons, dealing with everything from threat assessment to defensive driving. Effective training keeps CPOs up to date with all the relevant skills, which change with the times and technology and need to be maintained by every bodyguard.

Many bodyguard agencies and clients also insist on specific qualifications, meaning you need to make sure you are fully qualified wherever you go if you wish to be successful. So, get in touch with an executive protection training provider and make sure you take your career to the greatest possible heights.

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