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Be Patient With The Progression of Your Business Career

Careers used to move themselves. Now, we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go. But there are some fundamental tools that can help with the pace of your business career.

People want things to happen quickly — immediate gratification — and it just doesn’t work that way. We all have to meander towards fulfillment, learning and advancement.

Success compounds over time through experience, accomplishment and circumstance. Sometimes its vertical, lateral, sideways and backwards.

While Henry Ford is today known for his innovative assembly line and American-made cars, he wasn’t an instant success. In fact, his early businesses failed and left him broke five time before he founded the successful Ford Motor Company.

Winston Churchill, the Nobel Prize-winning, twice-elected Prime Minster of the United Kingdom wasn’t always as well regarded as he is today. Churchill struggled in school and failed the sixth grade. After school he faced many years of political failures, as he was defeated in every election for public office until he finally became the Prime Minister at the ripe old age of 62.

Just about everybody knows who Jerry Seinfeld is, but the first time the young comedian walked on stage at a comedy club, he looked out at the audience, froze and was eventually jeered and booed off of the stage. Seinfeld knew he could do it, so he went back the next night, completed his set to laughter and applause, and the rest is history.

Ellen Degeneres was a paralegal and “oyster shucker.” Before being named Showtime’s Funniest Person in America in 1982, comedian and TV host Ellen Degeneres held these two much less glamorous jobs.

Ask yourself where you want your business career to go? What’s your plan for moving it in that direction? Do you see how progression prepares you for each step in your success process?

You simply can’t go into the career and work world and progress without a map, GPS and a compass. Steady movement toward our goals is advancement. Sometimes we slow down, speed up, veer to the right or take a wrong turn. That’s actually an important part of the journey. It’s never a straight line.

Patience and persistence are our greatest allies in the progression of our business career advancement. Nothing worth having happens overnight, and nothing lasts unless we are prepared for it to last. We often think we are ready for things to happen, then things are put in our path and they don’t develop. These learning moments are gifts.

Are you looking for a new job or to change careers? Are you thinking about starting a business? Are you hoping for that promotion soon?

There is a progression to career advancement, so be patient.


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