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Things to do when you get a promotion

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When you first get a promotion, the first thing on your mind is how much salary are you going to receive or will it be a substantial pay raise or a small bump? However, with a promotion, you quickly realise that there comes a learning curve along with the move up the professional ladder. The main point to note here is to understand what you are getting into so that you can handle it gracefully. Here are a few tips for you to take heed to:

  1. Look for quick wins: The first challenge that you will be facing is to show that you deserved the promotion in order to set up the road to success in the future. Therefore, it is important to find a win that is meaningful to you and your team. So, try to find out the major pain points of your team in daily meetings and take them head on to establish a rapport with them. Solving a key issue that affects your team and your boss on a daily basis, you can establish a meaningful and strong relationship with the team and also get the recognition in the right manner.
  2. Look for more opportunities: One of the best ways to differentiates yourself in your new promotion is to ideate and brainstorm new opportunities. For instance, if you have been promoted recently to take on bigger projects as a senior account manager, then share suggestions that you have to get more leads. This falls out of your profile’s scope and job description but will definitely get brownie points for going that extra mile.
  3. Gain quick momentum: Your first few weeks in the new role will set the tone for the rest of your time in that position. This is because your immediate boss will be contemplating whether he/she made the right decision and/or your subordinates will also be evaluating your overall performance. So, you need some wins as soon as you start into your new role. You will have to learn how to balance between taking and action and holding back at times. Thus, the key being to find easy opportunities while saving the bigger decisions for later.

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