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Cool Facts About Chemical Compositions

1. Elements are chemically pure, meaning they are not composites of any other chemicals. When they are written out, they are actually written in what is known as the empirical formula. An example of a well-known empirical formula would be H2O, which is 2 Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom.

2. When placed upon chemical analysis equipment, it is revealed that the yummy breakfast sweet treat honey is actually roughly 82 percent comprised of carbohydrates. Basically, carbs are nothing more than sugars, such as fructose, glucose, or sucrose. However, honey also contains other substances such as proteins and vitamins. Sounds like a fun way to start the day!

3. Out of all the elements which exist on the planet, only two can be found naturally in a liquid state. These would be mercury and bromine.

4. Strangely enough, almost all of the elements which exist are also metals. If that wasn’t weird enough, most of the metals are colored either silver or grey. The only metals which are not this color are gold and copper.

5. The average consumer believes that gold is a rare metal but this is not exactly the case. In fact, there is enough gold in the crust of the earth that it could easily cover the surface of the planet and lay knee-deep as well.

6. Have you wondered who gives chemicals their name? It is actually up to the person who discovers it. So far in history, there have been chemicals and elements named for people, places and yes, even things. How’s that for a nifty way to remain immortal?

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading these fun and interesting facts about chemicals and elements before you proceed to switch on that chemical analysis equipment. Have fun and stay smart!

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