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10 Essential Time Management Tips For Students

Time is an important factor in everyone’s life. Once the time gets over, there remains no scope to work on that specific assignment. In every exam be it CBSE board exam or any other competitive exam every paper has its allotted composite time. The preparation phase is also restricted within a particular time period. This preparation phase should be taken very seriously keeping the time management factor in mind.

Time and accuracy play an important role in a students’ life.  There is a strong connection between these two. If a student does not improvise on his/her accuracy then extra time would not be of any use and vice versa. Here are some tips as to how they can manage time in a better way:

  • Goal setting: time can be managed only if a student knows how to use it in an effective way. The most important way to realize the value of time management is to set one’s goal. Whenever a student makes decisions to save time he should always remember that how to aim to get closer to his goals.
  • Prioritisation: most students start late with their work process. They often misunderstand the meaning of prioritisation. The students prioritise the things they should be performing according to their task. But the task list contains many unwanted and invaluable works that are not needed to complete in that specific time. So in order to manage time student need to fix their priority not on the basis of more work but on what needs to be done in that specific time.
  • Self-motivation: there are days when a student might not be interested in studying or doing their regular activities but time flows in its own direction this is what a student needs to understand. So motivation is very important. There can be many time management skills but if a student lacks in self-motivation then pressure and stress are what he/she will experience.
  • Focus: there might be several other thoughts or tasks that occupies one’s mind while performing a specific task. The focus is one such time management skill where the student does not realize the importance of a specific task unless he/she has struggled. Multitasking is not the right way so in order to save time and do a task in a proper way it needs focus.
  • Decision making: the right decision at the right time is very important. Whenever a student studies the right subjects needs to be allotted in the time-table according to the study routine in a right time. Decision making affects students and gives negative impact if not taken rightly.
  • Planning: tasks may overlap and there might be times where another task cannot be executed unless the previous one gets over. This will result in delays and missed deadlines in the case of execution of an assignment in class. So planning is one such time management factor where a well-made plan will help a student to save a lot of time.
  • Stress management: when a student fails to complete an assignment in a given deadline then he/she is stressed. This often happens in a students’ life when they misuse the given time. Stress is one such problem which gives mental and physical problems. This has a negative impact on the performance as well as time management. Pressure and stress should be handled properly with time. It is better to prevent the problem before it takes place than to deal with it after it occurs. Time management skills can be improved by making a proactive stress management.
  • Self-awareness: there are different types of students and their preferences. Some students study at morning while others study at night. Self-awareness is one such time management skill which can be best if it fits in the tailor.
  • Working effectively in a group: this is most effective way to manage time. Working effectively enhances the communication and is the easiest way to do a job properly. It is important to build a strong relationship with the concerned people in order to execute a work for the betterment which is the reason maximum school gives group assignment and project where students get to work effectively in a group within an allotted time.
  • Patience: time management skills do not mean more work done it ensures important work done. Patience is a skill where the best time managers do not hurry they acquire patience to do the job properly in the specific time.

Time management skills are very essential to get best possible results. It makes sure that the student completes the important tasks that will help to achieve the goal with less stress. The competitive exams like JEE,etc require a good time management skill.

Time and tide wait for none”

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