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The Simple Guide To Clear 11th Grade Maths

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Mathematics even in its earliest conception was always a practice-based, example-oriented subject. In layman’s terms it basically means, the more you practiced the better you got. However, compared to other subjects such as history, geography and other arts which could be memorized and remembered easily. Maths was considered particularly tougher and time-consuming, as a student had to sit down and practice the problems over and over until they found a solution for it.

However, we have got you covered with a simple guide to clearing 11th grade maths here:

  • Practicing from Textbooks and Guides: The most common method to prepare yourself for the math exams is by practicing and referring through textbooks and guides as well. This is particularly useful in studying for NCERT 11 maths. This is incredibly useful for students who are looking forward to writing the main exams.
  • Solving Previous Year Papers: Another method to ensure getting the maximum marks in the exams is by solving previous year papers, as this would make you more confident about approaching the exam as you would be more familiar with the pattern and syllabus as well. You can also refer to the NCERT 11 maths solution which would help during your preparation.
  • Formulas on Flash Cards: Flashcards are incredibly useful in remembering topics and definitions, however, they are also useful in writing formulas and remembering them in exams as well. One can easily remember the different formulas if they write these formulas on flashcards and memorize them before writing these exams.

Thus, this is a simple guide to clearing the 11th grade math exams. You can subscribe to the Byju’s YouTube channel to learn more tips and tricks to ace examinations.

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