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New Santander Select Adds Bells and Whistles to Personal Banking

If you maintain a high balance for your personal banking, there’s a new program from Santander that might be of interest.

The Santander Select program aims to provide a more personalized experience for clients with high balances.

Chris Hsi, Director of customer strategy and cross-sell for Santander said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “Santander Select was created in order to better serve our affluent clients who desire a more personal and specialized approach to meeting their financial goals, needs, and priorities. The program design ensures Santander can deliver the unique product and service needs of individual customers. The personalized nature of Select allows for bankers to build strong, long-term relationships with members, making their banking experience as seamless as possible.”

Santander Select Personal Banking Caters to Client

More specifically, the program provides clients with a personal banker who can cater the entire banking experience to each individual. They can even meet you at your home or office. There’s also a dedicated suite of Santander’s most valuable products and investment services available specifically to Santander Select Members.

To qualify, customers must meet the balance requirement of $250,000 in deposit and investment accounts. If you meet that requirement, you can open up a select account at any of Santander’s 34 Select branch locations, which are located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

The Select program is aimed specifically at personal banking customers. So it’s not something you’d necessarily use for business accounts. However, it is a program that could appeal to busy entrepreneurs for their personal banking needs.

Santander Select Personal Banking Targets Entrepreneurs

Hsi explains, “Select is attractive to entrepreneurs because the foundation of the program is relationship-based.  Because Select bankers only serve Select members, bankers are able to enhance the customer experience in a variety of ways, such as traveling to a member’s home or office if necessary. This type of personal access and availability of bankers to entrepreneurs ensures that their banking experience is supportive of their lifestyle.”

Entrepreneurs are also likely to be in need of other types of banking or financial services. And since Santander Select is all about personalizing the experience to each customer, entrepreneurs who use the program can enjoy extra guidance and the ability to utilize a variety of different business and personal banking services that might be relevant.

Hsi says, “Select bankers work with their customers to fully understand their full financial situation. This comprehensive analysis allows Select Bankers to connect customers that may be business owners with specialists at the bank (i.e. Financial Consultants, Mortgage Officers, Small Business Managers) to solve for their specific personal or business needs.”

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