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Civils rankers give tips to clear the exam

Seminar organised by The Hindu Group & Dr. Lakshmaiah study circle

Civil service aspirants from the city and nearby districts, who took part in the seminar organised by The Hindu in association with Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle here on Thursday, were given an insightful guidance about preparation for the examination.

Sharing his experiences, IPS officer and UPSC 2016 ranker (AIR 373) P. Abhishek said, “Basically, cracking civil services exam is not that tough as believed by many. It is not a game of intellectuals. Many emphasise on hard work but that alone is not sufficient, one need to do smart work along with hard work.”

“Smart work depends on an individual. To start with, there are four factors including the subject matter, you, the method of communication between the first two and how do you present the subject matter in the examination. Following these four with a clear plan and guidance will help you succeed,” said Mr. Abhishek.

“You should take the risk, be aggressive and do not get scared of failure until you cross the twenties. If the failure has reached you in young age, you are the luckiest one as learning from the mistake will help set higher goals and achieve big later,” he added.

Dr. Lakshmaiah presented an essential preparation strategy and emphasised on the need for gaining a complete overview of the subjects needed to crack the examination.

“This (civil services) is not a great exam. In fact, any candidate with common sense and confidence can crack it. While the part of subjects, syllabus and others is similar to that of any other competitive examination, proper strategy in preparation makes the major difference. Analysis of the subjects is equal to half preparation. Whoever understands the syllabus in detail and makes personal notes for quick revision, could crack the examination in the first attempt.”

Dr. Poojitha (AIR 282), who cracked the examination in her first attempt, said that maintaining concentration throughout preparation is key to cracking the examination. “Do not deviate and have broader knowledge and thinking capacity. View every subject and topic in the perspective of society,” she said.

With AIR 412, Phanindra Viswapragada called on the aspirants to have a broader perspective of the subjects and maintain physical and mental health which are very much important for preparation. The speakers stressed the need for reading The Hindu on a daily basis through the preparation period. Mr. Balakrishna of the study circle and others were present.



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