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JEE MAIN previous year question papers

JEE MAIN previous year question papers:

IIT JEE is one of the toughest examinations in the world. Preparing in the right manner for IIT JEE can help you in getting your desired institution. One of the most important things for JEE is solving previous year papers. JEE Main previous year papers will provide you an insight into the type of questions, marking scheme and time duration. Solving these papers will give you an idea about how the actual entrance exam will be. This post is very important from the exam point of view. In the following table each every year has three subcategories:


1. Analysis will help you in understanding:

  • Importance of chapters.
  • Type of questions asked.
  • Trend of the papers.

2. Marking scheme will help you in understanding:

  • Question Pattern

3. Question Paper will help you in understanding:

  • Difficulty level of questions.
  • Time required for each question.
  • Your preparation level.
Year – SubjectTopic
2009 – PHYSICS
Paper with detailed Analysis
Paper with detailed analysis
Paper with Detailed analysis
2010 – PHYSICSPaper with detailed analysis
2010 – CHEMISTRYPaper with detailed analysis
2010 – MATHEMATICSPaper with detailed analysis
2011 – PHYSICSPaper with detailed analysis
2011 – CHEMISTRYPaper with detailed analysis
2011 – MATHEMATICSPaper with detailed analysis
2012 – PHYSICSPaper wih detailed analysis
2012 – CHEMISTRYPaper with detailed analysi
2012 – MATHEMATICSPaper with detailed analysis
2013Paper with detailed analysis


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