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Preparation Tips to Crack JEE Advanced – Strategies to Study PCM

If you’ve ever wondered:

Preparation Tips to Crack JEE Advanced

“How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2020?” “How to study Physics, Chemistry, maths for JEE Advanced?” “How to prepare for jee advanced after JEE Mains?”

It’s an actionable & ultimate guide that will show you EXACTLY how to crack JEE Advanced 2020.

We are sure you’ll agree that there is fierce competition in JEE Advanced Exam. Around 2.50 Lakh candidates appear in the JEE Advanced Exam every year but how many among them actually get admission in their desired IITs? How many of these candidates opt for a successful strategy to crack the Advanced Exam?

Not many!

To be accurate, only 4% candidates taste the success in this exam.

Shocking, we know!

But there are some sure-shot tips that can bring you extraordinary success in JEE Advanced Exam 2020.

Ready? Let’s Start.

How to Prepare for JEE Advanced 2020?

Here is a myth, the more time one spends preparing for the JEE Advanced Exam, the greater are their chances of success.

Many JEE aspirants approach Eduncle with this kind of questions. Like, say, How to prepare for JEE Advanced in 1 month, How to prepare for JEE Advanced in 6 months, Can I crack JEE Advanced 2020 without studying?

Here’s the answer: Your success in JEE Advanced Exam cannot be measured by 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or 1-month preparation.

In the JEE Advanced Exam (Excluding the JEE AAT Exam Syllabus) there are three major Subjects that constitutes the JEE Advanced papers (1 and 2):




Check the JEE Advanced Exam Pattern 2020.

Your JEE Advanced preparation time depends on your starting point & grasping power. The core subject group Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics is commonly known as PCM subjects among candidates preparing for JEE Exam.

To be honest, PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) is not very difficult. However, the JEE Advanced Syllabus is vast. To get basic proficiency in core PCM subjects you need to devote one-year time at least.

So, you must start preparing for the JEE Advanced Exam now. There is no better day than today to start.

How to Prepare for JEE Mains & Advanced Exam Together? Read the JEE Mains Preparation Tips here.

Here we are going to give you step by step process to crack the exam.

How to crack JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 Without Coaching?

As we discussed earlier, you need to prepare for JEE Advanced 2020 for three subjects majorly – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. If you focus on these during your school (11th & 12th), the preparation of the school exams will help you a lot in JEE Advanced Preparation.

Firstly, scoring better in 12th Board is important to get admission in your desired IITs. If you score among top 20 percentile, it will help you to seize the opportunity. Read the JEE Advanced Eligibility Criteria.

Secondly, your board exam studies make you revise the basic concepts of PCM umpteenth times. The more you revise, the better your JEE Advanced preparation will be.

Why candidates struggle in clearing JEE Advanced Exam even after preparing for 1 year or more?

They make a fundamental mistake of not focusing on Most important topics in JEE Advanced Exam.

Knowing the whole syllabus is one thing, but there is a thin line between Studying Hard & Studying Smart…

To start preparing for the JEE Advanced Exam, you need to know the Most Important topics for JEE Advanced Exam beforehand.

Here is a compilation of Important topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics along with their Marking Weightage.

JEE Advanced Physics 2020 Most Important Topics & Marking Weightage:

There are no certain predictions that the questions will be asked from particular sections, but if you analyze last 5 years JEE Advanced Papers, you can easily find higher scoring topics in the IIT JEE Physics section.

JEE Advanced Chemistry 2020 Most Important Topics & Marking Weightage:

Most important topics in JEE Advanced paper 1 & 2 are different. In paper 1, marking weightage is more for the topics like Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Atomic Structure, P-Block Elements, Hydrocarbons etc.

While in Paper 2 Chemistry, higher marking weightage is for topics like Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Chemical Kinetics, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen.

In Paper 1 & Paper 2 both, questions from P-Block Elements were asked profoundly last year. However, in Paper 2 the questions were asked from various units covering entire syllabus. A topic-wise margin of ±3 marks can be considered in JEE Advanced 2020. You can check the list of important topics along with their marks weightage here – IIT JEE Chemistry.

JEE Advanced Mathematics 2020 Most Important Topics & Marking Weightage:

Mathematics in JEE Advanced Paper 1 & Paper 2 is moderate level. We have enlisted most important topics and expected marks for IIT JEE Mathematics here.

These important topics from each subject are so powerful & scoring that we recommend making a study plan to focus on these topics 15 days before the exam.

Now, you know what works in your favor while preparing for JEE Advanced. You must go through the list of mistakes that JEE Advanced candidates make that you should avoid.

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Common Preparation Mistakes of IIT JEE Advanced Candidates –

 Reckless Study will lead you nowhere – JEE aspirants are supposed to study in a routine manner. For this, you need to make an effective study plan.

 Revising at the last moment – Studying for JEE Advanced Exam throughout the year without revising topics frequently might be the biggest mistake during your preparation journey.

 Overconfidence – Most of the time, overconfident candidates are the one who fails miserably in the exam. You might be the topper of your class, you might have crystal clear concepts of PCM, but JEE advanced Exam is taken by lakh of intelligent students like you.

They are equally deserving & hardworking if not more. Never undermine the competition.

There’s nothing bad about being confident, however, this doesn’t give you an unrestricted license to do not study & even then crack the exam.

 Long hours study – Long hour study is not going to give you any edge to stay ahead of others, at least in JEE Advanced Exam.

It makes you tired & sleepy. You must rather try to squeeze your effective study time in most preferable hours. For some people, it is morning hours, while for others night hours are best suited.

The best way to keep your focus and go on for long hours is to take a 10 to 15-minute break every 1 to 2 hours of study and a 30-minute break every 4 to 6 hours.

In conclusion, have a look at your JEE Advanced preparation strategy and find out if something important is missing in your preparation arsenal to stuff up your chances to get selected in the first attempt.

If there are some negative points & missing factors. It’s time to make changes. JEE Advanced Preparation journey is what you make it.

We’ve shared some hard-earned lessons, analysis, and top strategies. Believe in yourself, back it up with old plain hard work & sprinkle it with the smart study. All the very best!


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