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Preparing for JEE Main and CBSE Board Exams together

CBSE conducts the Senior School Certificate Examination (12th Board Exam) for students studying in class 12 and conducts the JEE Main entrance exam for admission to various engineering colleges across the country. Both the exams are very prestigious and students prepare very hard devoting a lot of their time for it. It is believed by all that a good score in both the exams is the key to a bright career in future.

JEE Main and 12th Board exams are less than a month apart and many students are confused how to prepare well for both of them together. It is considered important to ace them at the first attempt together. So let us first understand the difference between the two exams so make a strategy for right preparation.

Differences between the two exams

  • Syllabus for JEE Main include syllabus of class 11 and class 12 of the CBSE board. Whereas 12th Board asks syllabus of class 12 only.
  • JEE Main asks questions in multiple choice format whereas in 12th board exam descriptive answer type questions are asked.
  • Both the papers have some theory based and some application based questions. However, 12th Board exam is made for average students also to score well. JEE Mains on the other hand, being a competitive exam is harder in difficulty level. It is designed to eliminate the average students from the competition.
  • JEE Main paper has negative marking whereas 12th board exam does not.

How to prepare for JEE Main and 12th Board exam together

First of all, if you want to appear for JEE Main start preparing no later than start of class 11. Try to master the class 11 syllabus in class 11 itself and do not leave it for class 12.

Since the syllabus of Class 12th CBSE board exam is also a part of JEE Main, understand your concepts thoroughly.

Make sure to prepare notes separately for Board Exams and JEE Main exam. Some concepts are not asked in the Board exam but are asked in the entrance exam, however.

In class 12, throughout the year keep some time daily for entrance preparation. When preparing any chapter at home, while doing your homework or just revising the chapter, make sure to do at least 20 questions of JEE Main level from a good JEE Main resource.

Revising Class 11 Syllabus for JEE Main with 12th Board exams

Revising class 11 syllabus may be difficult as you will need to find time between your class 12 studies. That is why if you mastered the syllabus in class 11 itself, it would be a big advantage.

However, if you feel the need to do class 11 chapters, make use of holidays, like Sunday, summer or winter breaks or festival breaks. If you do not have notes and tips already prepared, do it now because it will help during the last minute preparation.

Last minute preparation for JEE Main and 12th Board exam

When the 12th Board Exams are close by, you may find it difficult to devote time to JEE Main preparation. However, you must try to spend at least 30 minutes daily for entrance preparation. You can do some entrance level questions or revise your notes during this time.

When you are preparing for your final 12th Board Exams, you must focus on learning the concepts well so that they will help you in your entrance exams as well and you will not need to revise them again.

You will need to do sample papers and previous year papers of 12th Board Exams using a stop watch to practice finishing the paper on time. You can steal some time during this period to do JEE Main Test Series. If you feel there is lack of time, you can practice only one of the sections on the JEE Main full length test papers (the section for which you have your 12th Board Exam next).

JEE Main – The Final Sprint

When your 12th Board Exams are over, you may not have much time to relax as the JEE Main exam will be approaching soon. Use this time to do full length JEE Main paper with a stop watch. Do one paper in the morning, evaluate it later and revise all the sections where you got the questions wrong. Make sure to note your marks in the paper somewhere. Repeat this activity, the next day.

You must see your scores improving day by day. If you feel this is not happening or your doubts are not getting cleared, seek help of a good teacher.

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