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Tips and Strategies to Score Well in Online Examinations

Online Examinations: The New Trend

Nowadays, IBPS and other banking examinations have conducted online whereas Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is also in the process of conducting examinations online. Online Examinations is easier to conduct because it does not involve printing question papers, distributing them and maintaining secrecy regarding the papers with a number of people involved in the process. The main difference between online and offline examinations is now mouse is the pen and the computer screen is the paper.

Online Examinations: How to Master them?

As examinations are becomes online, the students have to prepare themselves accordingly to succeed. There are simple things which can be followed to do this effectively:

• You don’t need to be a computer expert: Sometimes, students from rural background think that to succeed in online exams, you need to know a lot of computer fundamentals. It is nothing like that, it is simple as everything will be provided to you and you simply have to follow the instructions.

• Focus on Subject Knowledge: Online Examination is also a test of subject knowledge as the offline papers were. Therefore, focus on preparation of subjects on which you are going to be tested rather than thinking about computer based test or offline test.

• Try to Familiarize Yourself with Online Exam Interface: This is an important aspect of success in online examinations because if you are familiar with the online examination pattern, it becomes easier to focus on subjects in the examination hall.

• Time Management: With the computer clock ticking, there is no human involvements in keeping time, hence, manage your time properly and wisely. It is better to have a plan in mind regarding which section you are going to attend first and the order that follows.

• Follow Instructions Minutely: In an online examination, it is very important to follow instructions of the invigilator since in case of computers; it is difficult to rectify any mistake.


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