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Traits All Good Doctors Have

Do you have the 10 qualities that make a good doctor? | MDLinx

Pretty much everyone has seen a doctor at some point or another. You have probably noticed that there are good doctors and there are bad doctors. If you are considering becoming a doctor, there are some traits that you have to have to become the best doctor you can be.

Love for Learning

Becoming a doctor involves a lot of education, and the younger you start, the better. If you want to go to medical school, you might want to consider a preparatory and tutoring program like the one taught by Rachel Tobin Yale University medical student. Getting a head start on the best schools is the first step in learning to be a doctor.

Good doctors also continue to learn well beyond college and residency. They often pick up courses, attend conferences and keep up with all the latest technology and practices. Staying up to date is very important for all medical professionals.


Doctors should understand what their patients are going through and relate to how it makes them feel. Empathetic doctors have an easier time reaching patients on a more personal level. When patients feel like their doctor understands, they tend to be more amiable to a variety of treatment methods. They are also more likely to listen to their doctor’s instructions.


One of the most common complaints about doctors is that they only seem interested in giving out pills and don’t take the time to find the cause of the illness. They just treat the symptoms instead. If you want to be a good doctor, you need to have compassion. Patients want a doctor who cares about them, not just their illness and definitely not just the money they charge.


Honesty is a major concern when it comes to being a doctor. Most patients do not want bad news sugarcoated. They like information that is straight and easy to understand. When the diagnosis and treatment are buried in medical jargon, patients get understandably frustrated and more scared than they need to be. Most patients want to know exactly what they need to do to feel better or maintain their health.


This might seem like an odd trait, but many people do not want to see an overweight or unhealthy doctor. An unhealthy doctor does not inspire confidence in their patients.

Being a doctor is a huge responsibility. It is also a very rewarding and diverse career. When deciding to go to medical school, you will need to consider whether you have these traits.

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