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Work from home 2022: Why Indian employees don’t want to return to their workplaces

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Rising Covid-19 cases across the country have forced India’s companies back to work from home as companies believe that the health and safety of their employees are their top priority. Some companies who had opened their doors for employees to come to workplaces from November-December have now come back to work from home mode.

The government departments have announced 50% attendance in offices. The private sector is also asking its employees to do their work from home. Various IT companies such as Cognizant, Amazon, Flipkart have adopted work from home again and believe that all employees will return to the office in April. However, most employees are not ready to come back to office cabins again. Let’s find out why it is so.

Why do Indians like working from home?

An employee, Debina Roy, who works in an IT company, found a new work routine. When she is waiting for a reply from any client, she does her household chores.

She said that she is living her best life now as she is not wasting her time by spending three hours going to the office and coming back home. Secondly, she is happy that she is far away from a high-pressure environment. She feels relaxed working from home.

Another employee who doesn’t want to mention his name said that working from home gives him freedom as he customises his work environment as per his needs. He said,

“I can structure my work as my personal own,” he said.

When we spoke to HRs on this matter, they said that employees are away from offices and are feeling closer and enjoying their work now and working with enthusiasm.

The reasons can be healthy family income, job flexibility, independence, time for themselves, and, of course, having no eyes constantly checking up on them.

Recruiters say that travel has been one of the top problems for employees. Several employees had to migrate to other states or cities for their work, but most have now returned to their hometowns and can now work from home in their comfort.

They can spend more time with their families. Employees also believe that working from home is all about laptops and a stable wi-fi connection. These two things will help employees work beneficially from anywhere, like from hill stations or beaches.

Hybrid models are also good for employees

Most employees prefer a hybrid working model in which employees will work in both modes, i.e., online and offline mode. This time, most companies are opting for hybrids in the third wave of Covid-19.

Employees have expressed their willingness to come back to the office in a hybrid setup.

The reasons behind this are better infrastructure, alignment with organisational culture, social connection and bonding with peers, and fewer distractions.

The hybrid work model focuses on flexibility between online and offline modes and maintaining work-life balance. Several surveys say that the hybrid model will be the best and possibly it will be adopted in the future.


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