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15 Online Classes to Take Your Creativity to New Heights This Year

Creative Online Learning

he phrase “new year, new you” is a mantra that many of us repeat to ourselves once the clock strikes midnight on January 1. Making that a reality, however, is easier said than done. But if your goal is to improve your art and photography abilities, or grow your business in a meaningful way, we can help. We’ve selected a variety of creative online learning from sites like CreativeLive, Craftsy, and Brit + Co. They offer you thousands of ways to build your skills from the comfort of your own home—and on your own time.

If you’re itching to try all the online classes, Craftsy has just introduced Craftsy Unlimited. It’s a subscription service that grants you access to their library filled with thousands of hours of instructional videos, plus new and exclusive content released on a weekly basis. Right now, they’re offering a seven-day free trial—so go ahead, unleash your creative spirit!

Start exploring online classes now with our picks below, and check out our classes categoryto see what we’ve featured in previous weeks.

Scroll down and get a jumpstart on your creative online learning with classes in art, photography, and creative careers.


Startup Library: Photography, Craftsy: Did you get a digital camera for Christmas this year? This class will help you navigate and control your new toy while learning tips for photographing a variety of subjects.

iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Videos, CreativeLive: The iPhone X comes with a stellar camera. See how to get the most out of your device while understanding general techniques for capturing great portraits, landscapes, and more.

Introduction to Alternative Processing in Photography, CreativeLive: We tend to think of most photographs as digital, but there are a ton of alternative processes that have been around a long time. Understanding how to use them can offer a fresh perspective on your work.

Working with Brushes in Photoshop® CC, CreativeLive: The brush tool is a powerful way to add artistry to a photograph. With this class, get a primer on how to create, organize, illustrate, and retouch with brushes.

Fine Art Landscape and Travel Photography, CreativeLive: This course is taught by landscape and aerial photographers Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. They show how, among other things, to incorporate your ideas and emotion into landscape photography.

Creative Online Learning

Arts & Crafts

How Color Affects You: What Science Reveals, Craftsy: Learn how to use color to enhance your creative work, from art to design to photography.

Sketching Your Point of View, Craftsy: Drawing from life is tricky, but this class will show you how to “simplify busy spaces” and know perspective so well that you can do it intuitively.

Pastel Pencils Essentials, Craftsy: If you love pastels but hate the messiness of pastel sticks, pencils are a great alternative. Master the basics here.

Colored Pencil Bird Portraits, Craftsy: Draw your favorite feathered friends with colored pencils while learning colored pencils essentials like layering and blending.

iPad Illustration in Procreate, Brit + Co: You can create great illustrations on your iPad! Illustrator and type designer Molly Jacques teaches you how, step by step.

Creative Art Classes Online

Photo: Alice Achterhof

Creative Careers

Podcasting for Crafters and Makers, CreativeLive: Ever thought about starting a podcast? Learn how to launch a show that will allow you to market your creative product or services.

Brand Your Creative Business, CreativeLive: Effective branding tells the story of your business. Instructor Megan Auman will show you how to create and implement a brand strategy.

Increasing Trust in Your Online Business, CreativeLive: Trust is vital to gaining and keeping customers. Learn privacy policies and terms of conditions that are accessible and transparent.

Simple Email Marketing for Makers, CreativeLive: Gain customers and boost sales with effective email marketing. Understand how to craft an email that won’t take you forever to write and bring you results.

Connect With Your Customers on Social Media, CreativeLive: Social media is an important component of any business—the potential reach is astounding. Instructor Erin Dollar will demonstrate content creation strategies you can use on Instagram and Pinterest.


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