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Great Falls College-MSU is offering free sample online classes

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Great Falls College-MSU is offering free sample online classes, called “mini-bytes,” which allow community members to try out an online course for two weeks.

The college’s E-Learning Department is working with faculty members to offer four diverse Mini-Byte classes which include college writing, chemistry, medical terminology, and western civilization.

Officials say the modules will take participants approximately ten hours to complete.

Faculty members will communicate with participants through email, and participants will be assigned homework, tested, and required to submit essays.

If participants decide to enroll at Great Falls College, they will not need to repeat the first two weeks of the online course they sampled.

Instructional Designer Brenda Canine explained: “It’s an open and free platform for folks to really explore what online learning might be about. So, kids going off to college, their parents wanting to see what they’re doing. We’ve got community members not sure they want to come back. Montana has a very large population of folks who started college, maybe didn’t finish, and you know maybe it’s been a while and you’re a little nervous about coming back, this is a way for you to try it out, and see what it’s really like. It really is doable. “

The E-Learning Department will waive the application fee for enrollment to Great Falls College for anyone who completes a Mini-Byte class.



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