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Here Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Digital That You Should Know

We all love technology. What’s life without the convenience of the digital world? Technology has become part of our lives in every aspect. From workplaces, places of worship, schools, our homes and recreational places, we are surrounded by digital equipment. To many, a day without the use of a mobile device is a day wasted. With online classes, educational vlogs and blogs that answer questions, surely online is the place to be?

But there are so many consequences and side effects caused by the technology we love that it can lead to our destruction if not used well. Here are some of the things none of us want to happen:

Reputation and professionalism at stake 
Remember when celebrities were fictional characters only seen on TV or heard on the radio? Today you can follow your favourite celebrities everywhere. You can track their next moves, personal lives, social accounts and so on. With all that, it’s easy to have your favourite celebrity turn to out to be the person you dislike the most. You later realise there’s not much difference between your life and theirs. They face the same problems you face. Sometimes they even share views you disagree with. It all comes with a package of digital platforms.

In the professional world, where communication is limited to 011 phone calls and emails, chances of things getting out of hand are limited. But in a world where you can text your boss, like their status, retweet their tweets and share funny WhatsApp videos with them, it’s all different. When the boss is still LOLing on the clip, you raise the salary matter — not good!

Scamming and Phishing
This is actually a career. There are thousands of scammers on the net and their working environment is on digital platforms. Every day hundreds of people are robbed of their money through swindling schemes and malicious software. Attacks are usually aimed at new internet users and people who are not tech savvyTheir websites are usually designed to match a site you visit frequently. In the blink of an eye you’ve given your valuable confidential information without knowing it. Strategies include pishy emails, SMSes, phone calls and online chats. Ever won a competition you didn’t enter? Yeah, it’s those guys. They mean business.

Relationships can be affected
Relationships end every day because of social media. Screenshots of DMs and WhatsApp messages are grabbed and shared in public. It’s not easy these days to share personal information or your true feelings with anyone you do not trust. You will be munched and made a laughing stock of, mocked and ridiculed. Ku rough.

The digital world is a trend of its own. It will influence you one way or another.

This also affects intimate relationships. In a world where you can change your relationship from single to married, married to complicated with just the tip of your finger, nothing is guaranteed. You may be surprised when you open Facebook to discover that your long-time partner has declared their relationship status as single.

Family and friends don’t fall short of this disadvantage either. The chance of visiting and talking with them is limited. People live and meet online nowadays. Blocking is also not friendly. If you bother your partner online, they will block you. Sad.

Trends and Influence
The digital world is a trend of its own. It will influence you one way or another. The adverts we see every day, the trending topics on social media, soapies and movies — they all shape us, shape the way we think about and view things. If you see a jacket that looks good on your friend on Facebook, your next plan might be to cop it as well. When you log on to Twitter and find a hashtag trending, even when you know little about the subject, you will want your opinion to be heard. At times we even join tags that don’t represent us because, well, FOMO.

Financial Risks
Today you can purchase your dream house, car, phone, meal and clothes from the comfort of your camp chair and get free delivery as well, although not on houses. Yet all these things are risky and can have your wallet empty in a split second. If you decide to out to buy a meal, you might just meet a friend on the way and have them buy you an even better meal. Online, before you’ve even made up your mind, your bank is reporting a deduction from your account and a phone call of delivery comes next. While you’re still downloading that series you love, bundle rates deplete and next thing you find that your app has placed an order for another 5GB of data. It’s crazy.

Health Issues
With all this tech helping us in everything we do, the chance of standing up or walking out is limited. You can do all your daily duties from your bed.Sarah Kimmorley, editor of Business Insider, shared some of the disadvantages of sitting too long, and they do not look good. The article included low energy expenditure, chronic pain, obesity and rheumatic disorders. It’s important to get up for a short walk and have a little run now and then.

Technology and its digital world are around us. We need to embrace it and live with it. But we have to stay woke!




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