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Orange no longer banking on telecoms for growth

Stéphane Richard, Orange chief executive, addressed a press conference on its strategy on July 11 © AFP In a sign that the French telecoms scene is stagnating in terms of growth and consolidation opportunities, Stéphane Richard, chief executive of its biggest operator, is banking on another industry to boost...
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Chatbots Will Soon Discuss Your Banking Info With You

Text a question like “What’s my credit card debt?” or “How much did I spend on gas this month?” and the friendly answer comes within seconds. “Let’s see,” it begins, before listing the requested information. This is a banking chatbot, a software program that understands and responds to...
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Banking to become open and a utility says FinTech chief

“Banking is the last vertically integrated sector left, but it is the next utility to face change,” said Michael Laven, CEO of the financial technology (FinTech) firm Currency Cloud, said on Tuesday. “Every other utility has been privatized and commoditized. (Telecom operator) BT might provide the rails but...
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