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How to Overcome the Challenges of Distance Learning

We are currently in the fourth industrial revolution of high technology and a fast-paced digital era, but there are still challenges of distance learning to resolve. The impact is no longer just on the students, but the instructors at hand as well. Many teachers are faced with challenges and issues which they have...
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Hiring and recruitment challenges in Japan

For various reasons, powerful companies in Japan home to amazingly advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities in several industries have failed to become as global as their peers overseas. One of the challenges in achieving their globalization goals is their inadequate talent management strategy. Like everywhere, Japanese HR professionals are trying...
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Covid-19 pandemic and online learning: the challenges and opportunities

ABSTRACT The World Health Organization has declared Covid-19 as a pandemic that has posed a contemporary threat to humanity. This pandemic has successfully forced global shutdown of several activities, including educational activities, and this has resulted in tremendous crisis-response migration of universities with online learning serving as the...
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