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Hair loss shampoos really help stop the hair loss?

Hair loss shampoos really help stop the hair loss?

Hair loss is an issue that many women and men will face during their lifetime. Sometimes the causes are unknown and there is no treatment, but in a large number of cases, the hair loss can be managed and even reversed with the right care.

Many cosmetic companies have focused research into this area and released products that claim to stop or reverse several types of hair loss. Now you can even visit your local supermarket and find products on the shelves that have various claims of restoring hair growth but can they be trusted?

Firstly it is imperative to determine if the hair loss can be restored in any way, as with many types of baldness once the hair follicle is damaged it cannot support further growth.

A lot of the products available will boast of a super compound or chemical that has been ‘proven’ to increase hair growth. There are two important points to focus on.

Do as much research into the main active ingredient. This information should be listed clearly on the packaging. If it is not this is a warning to stay away. Find out if the chemical will interfere with any medications or have any side effects.

Advertisers will make the product seem as attractive as possible with catchy tag lines and great sounding stats but you will have to sift through the fancy to find the facts. If a clinical trial was undertaken, how many participants were enlisted in the study? Did the hair growth last after the product stopped being used and questions like that. Most companies will not make it easy for you to find this information but if a product really works the proof will be out there and what you may lose in time, you will save in money and disappointment.


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