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Melbourne universities condemn ‘racist, hate-filled’ posters targeting Chinese students

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MELBOURNE: The University of Melbourne and Monash University on Monday (Jul 24) spoke out against “racist and hate-filled” anti-Chinese posters that have been plastered at the campuses of both universities.

The posters, which were written in awkwardly phrased Chinese, said Chinese students were not allowed into the building or they could face deportation, according to a photo taken by Twitter user Lisa Lu. She said she was “shocked” after finding one stuck on the door of the University of Melbourne’s Doug McDonell building.

“I don’t know who would do this on the very first day of the new semester. Even (if) it’s a joke IT IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL!” Ms Lu wrote.

Some posters included the logos of the University of Melbourne’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Monash Chinese Students’ Association, as well as the National Union of Students.

In two statements issued on Facebook, Monash University said it found 23 of the posters on its Clayton campus on Monday and removed them.

“CCTV footage is being examined and the university has contacted the police. The university finds any instance of racism abhorrent,” it said. The university also urged students to show support to those affected.

The University of Melbourne said it has contacted the police over the incident and gave them copies of the flyers, as well as CCTV footage.

The university added that it did not produce or condone the posters, and that it “does not tolerate activities of hatred and intolerance”.

In a joint statement, the three students’ associations clarified that the logos were used without their permission. The National Union of Students said it will launch an investigation into the incident.


The incident comes after a report of a joint investigation by Fairfax Media and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said that attempts by China to exert influence on Australia have affected the country’s sovereignty. Beijing has rubbished the report, saying the investigation has “no basis”.

According to the Australian government’s Department of Education and Training, there are 148,757 students from China in Australia as of May 2017, making up 29.6 per cent of international students in the country.

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