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At a Career Crossroads? Don’t Let ‘Should’ Dictate Your Career

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have a burning question: when are going to stop shoulding all over ourselves?

Hear me out.  The truth is, I’ve lost a lot of life and productivity to the word “should,” especially at work. And I’m sure if you think about it, you probably have, too. Should I take this job? Should I bring up a raise to my boss again? Should I mention these problems in my annual review? Should I be spending so much of my time on this task? Should I let my coworkers into my personal life? Should I take a pay cut for this position?

See, here’s the thing about should: the word “should” inherently suggests that we aren’t in control of our own choices, or responsible for our own success. It implies that we’re asking someone else for the permission to make a choice, or for the reassurance to deal with its consequences afterward. It’s no secret that stewing over a tough decision feels a lot like a running on hamster wheel, and research show that too much deliberation can actually lead to more insecurity than when you began considering the choice in the first place.

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