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Perfect Cell Phone Repair Just As You Wish it To Be

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The corresponding mobile phone cannot be replaced or returned within 14 days because it is a long-term industrial product for which a minimum warranty period is set. That’s why buying a mobile phone, we need to keep in mind that we can only return it to the store if we find nonconformities.

The mobile phone is considered a product of long-term use

Durable product – a complex technical product, consisting of parts and subassemblies, designed and built to be used for service life and over which repairs or maintenance work can be performed.

Thus, when selling the mobile phone, the seller is obliged to issue to the consumer all necessary documents, namely: the instruction manual or the technical card and the guarantee certificate (in the state language, even if they are imported), to provide a document confirming that the shopping with the date of purchase, the name of the economic agent, the name of the product and its cost. In the right Cell Phone Repair this is a perfect deal you can have now.

The consumer has the right to be fully, accurately and precisely informed about the characteristics of the products and services provided by economic agents so as to be able to make a rational choice, according to their interests, between the products and services offered and to be able to use them for their intended purpose in complete safety.

If the deficiencies of the mobile phone marketed to the consumer are discovered, about which the consumer has not been informed and these are not imputable, the consumer, within the warranty period, and for hidden vices – during its lifetime, by lodging the claim to the seller may claim, at its option:

  • Free removal of mobile phone deficiencies (free mobile phone repair)
  • free replacement of the mobile phone inappropriately with a similarly suitable mobile phone
  • replacement with another mobile phone
  • the corresponding reduction in the price of the inappropriate mobile phone
  • repaying the equivalent of the wrong mobile phone
  • recovery of the damage, including moral damage

In the case of the purchase of the mobile phone that was in use, the consumer’s claims specified in this point are satisfied with the agreement of both parties.

The time limit set for lodging claims for defects in products for which the warranty period is set is the minimum guarantee period set by the producer / seller and is 12 months from the time of purchase.

If a fault is detected on the mobile phone, the consumer must file a complaint about the wrong mobile phone initially to the seller or retailer for repair, replacement or receipt of the counterfeit within the warranty period or period of validity.

Complaints are reviewed and reimbursed within 14 calendar days of submission.Once the complaint has been lodged, the consumer presents the cash receipt or other document confirming the purchase (warranty card).

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