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Community Foundation has $1M in scholarships available

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If you are a high school student with your eye on higher education, we’ve got a website you’ll want to check out — the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region’s cffoxvalley.org/scholarships.

The Foundation has more than $1 million in scholarship money in play, with students from 60 schools eligible to apply.

But the clock is ticking on the deadline. Many scholarship applications are due by March 1.

The Community Foundation’s scholarship webpage lists 200 scholarships available to students by school. Most are for graduating seniors, but there also are scholarships for nontraditional students returning to school or those already attending college.

“Donors from our region have been very generous in wanting to help young people get the start they need to be successful in their chosen field,” Curt Detjen, Community Foundation president and CEO, said in a statement released by the Community Foundation. “Scholarship funds have been established by individuals, families, businesses and, in some instances, by the colleges and universities themselves, as an ongoing source of funding for scholarships.”

The Community Foundation manages these charitable funds so they can provide scholarship money year after year in the manner the donor indicated, as well as overseeing the application process.

Detjen said that the criteria for awarding the scholarships go beyond academic success or financial need. Scholarship funds have been set up by donors to help students pursuing particular fields of study, attending particular colleges or universities or coming from a given high school.

The Foundation’s regional families of funds in Brillion, Chilton, Clintonville, Shawano and Waupaca each has its own scholarship funds that provide help for students in those communities. The website also lists a number of businesses offering scholarships to children of employees.

The website lists all of the details and indicates the scholarships for which a student is eligible. Many offer online applications that can be submitted from the website, while other applications are available from high school counselors.

Last year, the Community Foundation awarded more than $1 million in scholarships to 334 students.


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