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Government scholarship changes unveiled

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Government has expanded several scholarship programmes in order to make them available to more Bermudians, according to Diallo Rabain.

Mr Rabain, the Minister of Education and Workforce Development, said changes have been made to several scholarships to create opportunities for a wider range of candidates.

“We are expanding scholarships and awards to give more Bermudians of various ages and life stages, the chance to pursue their dreams of postsecondary education and training,” he said.

“There are many who are not aware of the range of scholarships now offered by the Ministry of Education to complement Bermuda’s diverse society and workforce.

“It is important for those interested in continuing their education, to search carefully through Bermudascholarships.com, and take advantage of these funding opportunities.”

According to the Ministry, the Mature Student Award has been replaced with the Non-Traditional Student Award, aimed at helping those over the age of 25.

Previously, applicants had to be at least 35 years old and possess sophomore standing.

The $20,000 award can also support students taking online education programmes at accredited institutions.

Other scholarship changes include:

• An Applied Technology Scholarship for graduating public senior school students in the dual-enrolment Applied Technical Programme at Bermuda College.

The $5,000 scholarship funds the cost for students to complete an Associate’s Degree at the Bermuda College once they have graduated from senior school.

• Bermuda College Book Awards have been introduced to help students to purchase books for successful study by offering up to $500 to those who demonstrate financial need.

• The Minister’s Exceptional Student Award will now consider applicants with disabilities up to the age of 25. Young people who may be working, volunteering or already attending college or university are eligible to apply.

This award is only available to those who demonstrate financial need, and is valued at $5,000 for local postsecondary study and $25,000 for overseas postsecondary study.

• The Further Education Award no longer requires sophomore standing. Instead applicants must have acquired at least one year of college or university.

This award, valued at up to $10,000, is designed to assist students who need financial help early in their postsecondary studies.

• The Teacher Education Scholarship will replace the Teacher Training Award, accepting applications from persons with and without financial need.

The $20,000 scholarship is intended for Bachelor of Education students studying subjects where there are shortages of local candidates, such as social studies, geography, English language arts, mathematics, modern foreign languages and special education.

Recipients are still required to return to Bermuda and teach within the Bermuda Public School System.

Mr Rabain said: “These changes not only reflect the views of the Government, but the wishes of those advocating for more postsecondary opportunities.

“It is important to focus on the needs of the entire community, including those who have been underserved and underrepresented in the arena of scholarships and awards.

“We are committed to making a long-lasting difference to those investing in further education.”

The Ministry also listed several other scholarships and awards being offered, including:

• Minister’s Achievement Scholarship for graduating public school students. This scholarship is valued at $25,000 for overseas postsecondary study.

• Bermuda Government Scholarships for graduating senior school students or college or university students for postsecondary education. These scholarships are valued up to $35,000, going towards the cost of tuition and basic accommodation.

• Minister’s Technical and Vocational Award for graduating public school students or recent public school alumni attending Bermuda College with a strong interest in technical and vocational studies.

This award is valued at $5,000 for local postsecondary study and $25,000 for overseas postsecondary study, but students must demonstrate financial need.


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