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Heber Springs Schools Ramping Up Security

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HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. — A small Arkansas school district is making big security changes in it’s push to prevent a school shooting.

When school starts in August, Heber Springs students will see more security around school. The district modeled it’s changes in part after what was done in Clarksville, which added armed teachers and staff 5 years ago. Heber Springs will have a similar policy. Several staff members underwent training this summer to carry guns at school, those employees will be in addition to the school’s current resource officers.

“We don’t want to be in the situation where someone thinks they can have their way at Heber Springs schools, they would meet resistance if they were trying to harm our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Alan Stauffacher.

More fences and security cameras are also being put up. Middle and High school students will see more changes. They’ll now have to carry electronic key cards to get between buildings on their campus and they’ll be required to carry clear or mesh backpacks.

“Instead of having to go on a lockdown our buildings are already going to be locked,” Dr. Stauffacher added.

High School junior Greenly Jewell says the new security measures shouldn’t be needed in her small town.

“Everyone knows everyone,” Jewell said. “Clear mesh backpacks, that’s just an invasion of someone’s privacy. I’m a good student, I feel like I’m being punished.”

Some parents like Courtney Presnull say the changes are unfortunate but not surprising.

“I don’t mind doing what ever they want to do for the safety of the kids,” she said,  “I don’t feel as worried about it, being such a small town, but you never know when it’s going to happen or where.”


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