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IIT Madras is offering M. Tech degree through distance learning

Image result for IIT Madras is offering M. Tech degree through distance learningGetting a degree from one of the most prestigious engineering colleges, and that too without attending classes in the campus, is about to become a reality.

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IIT Madras is now offering a M. Tech degree through distance learning process, a first of its kind initiative.

In the first step, 31 M. Tech students have been recruited for the automobile sector who will not be physically present inside the campus and would rather complete their course from their workplace.

The programme is set to be expanded to communication, information security and aerospace sectors as well.

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In the recent past, there has been a trend of user-oriented impact programmes, which are custom-made for corporate employees. Under these programmes, corporate companies sponsor the education of fresh graduates and employees. However, till now they are required spend a year in the campus.

“The programme we are launching is M. Tech in automotive technologyfor the industry employees who wish to upgrade their qualification and skills. A part of the curriculum is common to what we teach at IIT, Madras, and a part if it will be tailored to their specific needs,” said IIT-M Director Bhaskar Ramamurthi .

The new programme would place a coordinator and classroom at the industry location, where evening classes would be conducted by IIT-M faculty till the end of the course.


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