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CBSE moderation policy: Grace marks would continue in few cases

Students file petition

To bring in clean marks, the Central Board of Secondary Education decided to scrap the moderation policy. This led to immense confusion among the lakhs of students nation-wide. The decision came in the wake of the students waiting for the results of the CBSE board exam results 2017.

In a nut-shell, this decision would mean that some students would be hit with a dip in percentage as no grace marks will be given for difficult questions. It was in the year 2016 that the CBSE had requested the Ministry for Human Resources Development to develop a consensus to completely removing the moderation marks policy.

Why was the policy scrapped? It was said that the marks moderation policy always led to inflation of marks in the board exam results. It was argued that scrapping this was absolutely essential since there was an unnatural increase in the board exam results. Those students who had a tough examiner were affected by this more and those with a difficult set of question papers were also hampered. It also meant that the cut-off scores for the undergraduate course admission became higher.

Some grace would remain

Some grace would remain

The CBSE board exam results will have a lesser percentage of 90 per cent above scores. The grace marks would however continue for those cases where few marks are required to qualify as no ‘ moderation policy’ has been adopted by the board.

Students file petition There has been a major concern about students after the decision on moderation policy was announced. Several students have questioned the need for this sudden change. Students even took the issue to Change.org and filed a petition. In the petition the students have sought a changing the moderation policy from 2018 and not from the current year. In the petition the students wrote, ” the CBSE has decided to not give any grace marks and do away with moderation in this year’s board examination results despite the lengthy Delhi region Mathematics, Physics and Accountancy papers.




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